Jackie Duffy Therapist

I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor with 30 years experience within the counselling sector. I offer counselling on all issues that cause emotional distress and negative impacts upon a person’s life and wellbeing. I also specialise in historical childhood abuse and its long term psychological, emotional and behavioural effect on survivors.

As well as working as a Face to Face and Telephone Counsellor, I have also worked as a specialist telephone advisor, trainer, supervisor, Professional Development Mentor and  Consultant for NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) for the last fifteen years.

I also worked within Mental Health and provide counselling for loved ones/carers supporting/living with people experiencing any form of mental health difficulty – such as dementia, depression etc.

I offer the following range of services to enable people to find acceptance, resolution, peace of mind, empowerment and happiness:

Person Centred Counselling – A form of counselling that is open ended and is facilitated at each unique individuals pace.  It is non directive, but is supportive, empathic and creates a safe and confidential environment within which you can explore/resolve current or past issues that are causing you psychological, physical or emotional pain and anxiety.
£40 per session – weekly/fortnightly sessions offered.

Hypno – Psychotherapy – The tools of hypnosis are used alongside the person centred counselling process, in order to calm the mind and body whilst ‘travelling’ through current issues or past memories that cause high levels of anxiety or emotional distress.
£45 per weekly session. Weekly/fortnightly sessions offered.

Deep Visual Relaxation with Affirmations – these sessions will be tailored to you as a unique individual, with a view to obtaining what you feel you need i.e

Changing negative thoughts into positive changes;  Reducing anxiety; Quieting the mind; Gaining the confidence, self esteem, motivation, self belief you have always craved.     At least 6 sessions are recommended for long term changes.
£40 per session.
£230 for block booking of 6 sessions

CONTACT Jackie on :      07871 136108 or 0161 264 2662


Please leave a message if unable to contact me and I will get back to you at the earliest convenience.  Thank you