If you are looking for MLD because….

  • you have had a tummy tuck, liposuction or other cosmetic surgery
  • you have lymphoedema – through losing lymph nodes through cancer or other reasons
  • you have lipedema (painful fat syndrome)
  • you need pre- or post-operative MLD

….you will need a highly qualified MLD practitioner, ideally one who is registered with the main professional MLD body – MLD UK. (www.mlduk.org.uk). Many massage therapists offer MLD after training on a short course. This equips them to offer a basic detoxifying treatment and help reduce fluid retention but is not enough for this specialist work.

Our specialist MLD therapist Prudencia Lyons has the highest level of qualifications and is registered with MLD UK. There are very few such highly qualified therapists in the North West. We cover Manchester and Cheshire.

In addition, Prudencia is qualified to:

  • measure you for compression garments
  • do lymphatic bandaging
  • do Scarwork to reduce the pain and look of your scar
  • give advice on management of your condition
  • give nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • MLD treatment (for a large range of issues) – £85 for an hour
  • Treatment for Lymphoedema – first treatment £99 for 90 minutes and thereafter £85 for an hour
  • Change of dressing – £10

The first Lymphodema appointment of 90 minutes includes:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage specific to your issues
  • Education on self-management
  • Diet and exercise advice
  • Advice (and measuring if required) on compression garments
  • Progress chart and measurements
  • Advice on further testing
  • Letter to GP

Subsequent appointments will be £85 for an hour and include the treatment, progress chart, measurements and follow-up advice.