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Five reasons the “Natural Face Lift Massage” is a “must have” treatment.

The Natural Face Lift Massage gives a real face lift and is so much more than a relaxing massage.  It goes further than being simply “non-invasive” and is natural in every sense of the work – no needles, no machines, no electric appliances…
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The Art of Body Brushing

It's so good for you.....and so easy! According to research, 5 minutes of energetic body brushing tones your muscles as much as a 30 minute jog - I know which I'd choose! So what does it do for us and what's the best way to do it?             Body…
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Happy Pregnancy - the joys of pregnancy massage

Last week I went on a Pregnancy Massage course – what a delightful day that was! The therapy is tailored to the needs of pregnant women so it is gentle, peaceful and nurturing.  It starts with gentle rocking of mother (and baby), deep…
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Relaxation - its a healthy choice

“How do I relax? – have a glass of wine, maybe watch TV....but why don’t I feel better for it?”                                                                    …
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Wearing a high SPF cream is not the ultimate sun protection solution

A recent survey carried out by the British Association of Dermatologists revealed that there is a high level of confusion about the difference between a product’s UVA rating and Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Only 38% of respondents knew that…
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Winter Skin Care Tips

We all notice the difference in our skin in winter. Chapped lips, dry hands and tight facial skin affect us all. For sensitive skin, winter dryness can lead to itching and flaking.   When you are outside, the cold temperature constricts…