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Relaxation – its a healthy choice

“How do I relax? – have a glass of wine, maybe watch TV….but why don’t I feel better for it?”


women drinking coffee - Relaxation - its a healthy choice


Relaxing activities – chatting with friends, having a cuppa – these reduce stress and of course are valuable and pleasant.  But they don’t turn on your deeper relaxation response.



What’s that?  It’s the deeper relaxation that heals and really makes you feel better.  Your deeper relaxation response is a state of mental calm where your body is free from tension, your muscles ease, blood pressure drops, breathing slows and you use less energy.


So how do I turn on my relaxation response?    

There are many ways to achieve deep relaxation –  physical exercise, breathing exercises,  meditation, yoga and massage are a few of the more common ways.

As a massage therapist I have seen the fantastic results of a good massage.  I am particularly impressed by the Natural Face Lift Massage.  Don’t think face lift, just think facial massage.  It releases all the tension that shows itself in headaches, eye strain, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and frowning and creates a state of deep relaxation throughout the body.      holistic facial 2 - Relaxation - its a healthy choice



And what will deep relaxation do for me?

In this state, when you are in deep relaxation, positive changes take place in your body and mind.  You are better able to digest your food and fight disease.  You feel calm and peaceful, gain mental clarity and focus.

Think of deep relaxation as body-mind medicine.  It gives your body the time and space to heal and repair.

Research shows that relaxation has a positive effect all the way down to your genes, promoting long-term physical health.  Relaxation slows down the rate of ageing by reducing the rate at which bits of your DNA wear out.  Relaxation helps you live a longer, healthier, happier life.

frog - Relaxation - its a healthy choice