Foot massage and deep heat treatment – pampering and soothing

What does the foot massage and deep heat treatment involve?

First, a half hour foot massage which will:

  • promote joint health and improve flexibility and lubrication of the jointsfoot massage - Foot Massage and Deep Heat Treatment
  • relaxes tense muscles
  • reduce aches and pains
  • encourages increased blood supply to the feet

Followed by a lavender paraffin wax treatment which will:

  • deeply moisturise and rejuvenate tired feet
  • leave feet feeling velvety soft
  • makes nails and pedicures look even better
  • brings deep, healing heat to foot and ankle muscles and joints

The paraffin wax is left on your feet for 10 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate deeply and during this time you can enjoy a soothing scalp massage.