Free Life Coaching

Free Life Coaching

Since March the pandemic has made it impossible for me to continue with massage therapy. Of course, I will be back, but for now I’m exploring something new: Life Coaching – and I’m loving it!

I’ve been using this time to retrain as a Life Coach. I’ve done several online courses and now the time has come to practice on “real people”.
I need to do lots of FREE one hour Zoom calls to hone my skills. Would you be interested in having a call with me?

The purpose of life coaching is to support and assist you to take positive action in some area of your life. I don’t give advice or counselling.

You will achieve greater awareness, more confidence and move forward in some aspect of your life where you have felt frustrated, stuck or confused.

We can do a Life Balance Audit – seeing which areas of your life are working well and which areas could be improved.

Or do you have some goals that you are struggling to achieve?
We can cover relationships, finances, work, health – anything at all.

Of course this is all free of charge and totally confidential.
Plus, if you find the hour helpful, I would be happy to do further sessions with you.

Please call Sharon on 07867 804494 or click the button below to discuss further or to book in.