Pain relief for muscle and joint problems using Clinical Massage.

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We treat many common complaints such as:

Tennis and golf elbow

Tension headaches and migraineswoman with shoulder pain 150x150 - Clinical Massage


Frozen shoulder

Groin strain

Repetitive strain injuries

Lower back pain

Neck and shoulder pain  sports injury 150x150 - Clinical Massage

Hip and pelvis pain

Rotator cuff injuries

Jaw pain

Sessions are £50 an hour.  Allow an extra 15 minutes on your first visit for a detailed consultation.  There is no charge for this.

You can expect:

  • reduced painhand trigger points - Clinical Massage
  • improved joint flexibility
  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved mobility
  • reduction in stiffness
  • promotes tissue healing


Clinical Massage treats your pain with the latest techniques for pain relief including:

  • trigger point therapyshoulder pain - Clinical Massage
  • shiatsu
  • sports massage
  • advanced stretching
  • myofascial release
  • deep tissue work

Does the treatment hurt?

There are some therapies where the therapist will press very deeply into the affected area in order to treat your issues and some people find this too painful. With Clinical Massage we ask you to rate your pain out of 10 as we work (10 being the greatest pain). At no point do we go beyond 7 out of 10. We feel that putting you in too much pain while working on you is counter-productive as you will brace yourself against the pain and create more muscle tension. You will find that Clinical Massage is not as painful as some other therapies, but just as effective.  It can be even more effective as you are not tensing against the pain of the treatment itself.

Let us help you get out of pain fast!

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