Yvonne Griffiths

I qualified as a Person Centred Counsellor in 2001.  I now work as an Integrated counsellor incorporating different therapies/modalities – recognising that each person has their individual needs.

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes because of a life event difficulty and sometimes to gain more insight and self-awareness.  I also work with those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, loss and grief.


I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  This is an educational method that assists individuals through 1-2-1 or group work to bring completeness to their loss, whether it be through bereavement, breakdown of relationships, loss of employment, health or even loss of a pet.

I can use this method to teach Parents, Guardians and Teachers to help children to grieve effectively.


I also work with couples in conflict or couples who want to strengthen their relationship and need support to communicate and reconnect with each other.


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Please contact me by emailing me at yjgcounsellingservices@gmail.com or call/text 07503 988656