Hand massage and deep heat treatment – luxurious and therapeutic

Hand massage and deep heat not only soften your skin but are highly beneficial for arthritic hands and other medical conditions.

hand massage 3 - Hand Massage and Deep Heat Treatment

What will this do for you?

  • beautifies and moisturises the skin
  • heals and pampers tired, over-used hands
  • gives soothing relief for arthritic hands
  • leaves the skin soft, silky and supple
  • plumps up the skin and encourages new skin cell growth
  • gives you younger looking hands

“What a treat! The massage is so relaxing and freed up my joints….thoroughly recommended.”    Lynda, Cheadle

“I can’t believe how light and flexible my hands feel. I hadn’t realised there was tension in my hands.” Brenda, Heaton Mersey

“My hands are usually very dry – what a wonderful difference this makes!” Jayne, Bramhall

 “Wow..my skin feels like velvet. Everyone should have this  once a month!” Sharon, Hale Barns

What does the hand massage and deep heat treatment involve?

First, a half hour hand massage which will:

  • promote joint health and improve flexibility and lubrication of the joints
  • relaxes tense muscles
  • provides a natural way to relieve or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • encourages increased blood supply to the hands

Followed by a lavender paraffin wax treatment which will:

  • deeply moisturise and rejuvenate tired hands
  • leave hands feeling velvety soft and looking plumper
  • makes nails and manicures look even better
  • brings deep, healing heat to hand and wrist muscles and joints

The paraffin wax is left on your hands for 15 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate deeply and during this time you can enjoy a soothing face and scalp massage.