Swedish full body massage is the most popular and well-known holistic massage.Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish full body massage benefits nerves, muscles, glands and skin while promoting better blood circulation, elimination of toxins and boosting endorphins (feel good hormones).

Try a Swedish full body massage if you need to:

  • relieve tired, stiff joints
  • relax achy, tense muscles
  • increase energy levels and mental focus
  • relax the mind and reduce anxiety
  • reduce stress and depression
  • restore natural sleeping patterns
  • increase flexibility

Swedish full body massage

A stomach massage is also included which encourages better digestion and waste removal, helps constipation and can help with period pains.


Areas covered are:
legs and feet, arms and hands, neck and shoulders, stomach and back.


Customise your massage

Would you like to add a scalp or facial massage, would you prefer to leave out the stomach massage or spend more time on back and shoulders?  It’s up to you – and you can change your preferences each time you come.

Swedish full body massage – one hour                          £50

Back, neck and shoulders massage – 30 minutes         £25

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