Are you suffering with jaw pain?

Have night guards and splints not resolved your symptoms?

Try the massage therapy which offers relief from jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms.

The holistic alternative to dental work using trigger point and myofascial release massage techniques.

 tmj male 3 300x199 - TMJ Treatment for jaw pain

Book a TMJ treatment.

One hour – £65

This treatment is designed to help you get out of pain in 1-6 weekly sessions.

The following symptoms may indicate a TMJ problem.  Book a free consultation to see if this treatment can help you.

  • jaw pain
  • teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • stress and anxiety
  • clicking, popping, soreness, stiffness of jaw
  • headaches
  • chronic pain or tenderness of the muscles around the ear, neck, face, upper back and shoulders
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • earaches (without infection)
  • stress and anxiety
  • dizzy spell
  • worn teeth
  • difficulty sleeping
  • sensitivity to light and noise
  • difficulty opening the mouth normally (trismus)

 “My TMJ symptoms improved after each treatment with Sharon and the relief lasted longer and longer each time.  After four sessions I am now pain free – after suffering with jaw, neck and shoulder pain for 15 years.”       Karen Todd, Wilmslow.