The Natural Face Lift Massage is a safe, non-invasive treatment. It draws on energy balancing techniques, specially adapted massage moves, acupressure points and aesthetic principles.

  • The treatment is carried out with the client lying comfortably on the massage couch, covered with a blanket. Only shoes are taken off. The treatment begins with relaxation and energy balancing which encourages you to let go of tension and helps you become more balanced and peaceful.
  • Gentle stimulation of pressure points round the face helps you to generate a fresh supply of innate healing energy. Stimulating specific points invigorates blood and lymph circulation in the facial tissue.
  • Circular movements free your face of muscular tension, promote greater facial mobility and encourages you to let go of patterns of habitual facial expression and their corresponding expression lines and creases.
  • Three sequences of specialised, highly effective micro-movements are then used. The first releases tension and restrictions and stuck connective tissue. Then a slower, deeper movement lengthens and relaxes the facial muscles. Finally, the third movement further stimulates blood and lymph circulation, encouraging a better supply of nutrients to the skin cells and aiding removal of toxins.
  • To complete the massage, lymphatic drainage helps to clarify the complexion by encouraging the flow of lymph over the face and by stimulating lymph nodes located around the ears to improve drainage. Scalp massage then aids the circulation of blood, enhancing concentration.
    After sixty blissful, carefree minutes being cared for and healed, a renewed sense of tranquility is reflected in your features. Your facial muscles have relaxed, expression lines have eased and your complexion looks fresher.

We hope that you are looking forward to experiencing the treatment for yourself. Email us at or call us on 07867 804494.